Friday, December 23, 2011

final time!! times like this, i feel really wanna update my blog...
situation at the moment:
1. so lazy to study!
2. lonely!
3. miss my mom and dad and family!
4. feel like wanna go home so suddenly!
5. need someone to hear my complaints!
6. also, need someone to calm me down!

however, only Allah can calm me down, can hear my complaints right??
(sape stuju angkat tangan macm saye)hihi..

final exam dah tinggal seminggu je lagi..,, ramai orang cakap: "sibuk je duk update status sal final exam kat fb...bukn nye nk g study, tapi sebok je nak berfb, bertwitter and watsoever....."
hahhah..ape aku kesah...hihi....
seriusly, aku masih lagi sngt belum bersedia nak go through final exam..
afraid of myself,
afraid of people around me,
afraid if i will be the last person .....!

which is, i shouldn't feel that way, i guess....

(dont exactly understand what am i try to say in here)

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